Link please?

As usual, it appears that the link on the download page gives you an old beta version, which of course won’t work. Can anyone give me a link to download the current beta version? I don’t care if its tar or deb, I can install either. Thanks.

Unless it’s packaged wrong, the link is:

Ah, I was fooled by the filename. LinuxScrivenerBeta16 didn’t match up numberwise with what I thought was supposed to be Beta 0.2.6, so I thought it was an older version. Thanks for setting me straight.

Spoke too soon.

I just installed the LinuxScrivenerBeta16.tgz version, and I’m still getting the “expired on June 30 2011” message.

Any additional suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Did you erase or uninstall the previous version? It could be that you’re running the old executable instead of the new one. It happened to me once :wink: