Link to Binder

I am trying to track files and steps in a project with daily journaling using scrivener. I am currently using a combination of nvALT and TaskPaper for this. Of course Scrivener is for my writing projects but, if it also does as well as either of those, why not use it that way too?

Key to this method is to have a landing page that works as an index. I have built an index of the project files and when I land on the open document I want to click on a link to a page and have it be just as if I had clicked on that item in the binder. What I cannot do is use Scrivener links to go to a Binder page. Linking to a Scrivener document seems to open an extra window for that file. What I want is to keep things simple and that means to open or select the binder entry associated with the linked file.

Is this a wish list item? Have I missed somehow to see the way to do this? I am looking for a way to, when the link is clicked on a page, to do the same thing as if I had clicked the mouse on the binder to select that item. I want to continue editing or writing in the same view I am accustomed to already.

Any hope this is something I missed? Or is this a wish list item?


In Scriv prefs > Navigation, you can specify what you want to happen when you click a Scrivener link – right now in your set up it is obviously set to open in a QuickReference Panel. Instead, you can set it to open in the editor in which you clicked the link or in the second editor pane.

Though I have to say I am puzzled why you are making a clickable index to get to documents in the project. The Binder already is one – and is always up to date! And for that matter, the Outline view is one also (and a bit more flexible).


Thanks, that helps a lot. Without going too far into it let me say that I have some rather severe memory and focus challenges. Add to that, this information which I am now using nvALT for is really about capturing daily notes, when I talk to the bank, see if I can get a lower interest rate, talk to a school, or several other things which I have to track on a daily basis and which remain rather slippery for me to remember. Part of how this affects me is when I remember what I was going to do, most of the time I cannot remember where I left it. I also often cannot remember what progress I have already made. So for me I need to write down what I did, create a link to where to find it.

To do this I am laying out a key landing page that lays out what I am doing, where the banking page is, where the school page is, etc, helps a good deal if that link is also clickable.

When I start sorting out parts of information and turning that into a real writing project I open a new file for that project. As I have a few going right now, by using this one organizing file, it allows me to place external links to go and work on those documents and also to look quickly at a single index or key page and scan for the page with the banking notes, etc. This also is where I have been laying out my key commands for my growing number of macros.

The Binder is a very nice idea as well, But I can have folders there that may be collapsed so that I can’t easily see what is there and the short title isn’t always going to give me enough information I need to quickly scan for what I want. Add to that the binder is always growing and changing where the index items remain pretty much in one place …

It’s just a method that is working for me right now.