"Link to Document" greyed out

I’ve found what appears to be a bug in the latest Release Candidate ( Beta (955095) 64-bit); the ‘Link to Document’ option seems to be permanently greyed out and unusable (even once some text has been selected).

I use this feature heavily in my workflow - I’m writing a graphic novel using the built-in Comic Script template, and I have a page-by-page breakdown document. The number of each page in the breakdown is used to link to that page’s full script. I have the breakdown open permanently in split view, and click on the page numbers to jump to each individual script page as I’m writing. This lets me have an overview of the whole story on one side of the screen, while using the right side of the screen for active writing.

Am I doing something wrong, or has the option been disabled erroneously?

This belongs in the Beta Forum. If you want the devs to see it, you should PM a Mod and ask. them to move it. :slight_smile:

I can confirm this issue is present on my install as well, so rest assured it’s nothing you did.

Windows 10, v1909 OS Build 18363.836
Version: Beta (955095) 64-bit - 13 Jun 2020

This is one of my many most favourite features on Scrivener, so I’m sad to see it sneak away on me!

I don’t know how long the bug has been there for as I hadn’t had much work time for a while. I only noticed it after I used “update document links to use target titles” - which still works. I doubt that’s relevant, though.

I’m surprised more folk haven’t made note of it!

This has been fixed in the next update.

I’ve discovered that you can still drag a link from the binder.

“Still”? Holy moley, I had no idea you could do that to begin with. Or I had forgotten. Either way, that’s awesome! Way faster than navigating my nested tree of folders to drag a file across.

…wait, if they’re doing things that make intuitive sense like that, then…

OH MY GOD. I can drag and drop then title of one window to create a link to it in the other! This is awesome! I’m often using files side by side that need to be dragged across. What a time saver! :smiley:

Hooray for bugs that lead to finding out functionality!

…clearly I haven’t gone through and fully read the manual, but the software just ‘works’ already, you know? One can just write. And stumble across awesomes. Don’t hate me XD