Link to document in different project?

I use Scrivener daily as my main text tool, on macos 11.2.1.
I have looked into the forums on this subject, but becomes overwhelmed by the possibilities/suggestions.
My primary use is for “Journaling”. (Every titletext is started by dating it: yyyy-mm-dd)
And since this work keeps growing I split it up so each project will cover 6 month.
Rather than doing some copy/paste as “a footnote” from older project to present one, I would like to be able to place a link instead. (in the same manner as if I was linking to a document in the SAME project).

So my question is:

  1. Is this possible?
  2. can it be done “easy”??? :laughing:
    kind regards

Yes and yes :smiley::…

The easiest way is just to have both projects open and then drag the document from Project A to Project B, either into the Editor or in the References pane of the Inspector. Then you can click (double click if it’s in the inspector) on the link and the other project will be opened at the relevant document.


Just bear in mind that the links are somewhat fragile: they won’t work in other devices if the login username is different or if you change the project name or location.

HEUREKA & thank you

it works, just like that :laughing:
I have a nice iMac27-5K so two projects fits nicely side by side.
I dragged the document from its “Binder” to the “Notes” part in the inspector, and there was the link.
once I click this the second project opens in its own window and the desired document is shown.
the only thing surprising me is that it ‘Split’ so its shown in two parallel columns but that just a flavour I can live with
Scrivener IS amazing


Glad it helped!