"Link To Document" Link Breaking

I’m creating a character sketch template with some things linked to documents contained within the same binder for assistance in what to write. For example: Occupations is linked to a document in my research folder named Occupation List. It works fine within this project. When I copy the template to another project, some “Link To Document” links work and some show "Scrivlnk://19AFE8BE-28GA-FB16-8344-241DF043E0C1. The links that do work show the actual file it’s linked to. The linked document is a text file. Is this a bug or are there special circumstances where these copy over or not?

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Perhaps some of your links are not actually set as internal links.
(Those would be path dependant.)
To create internal links, you can simply drag from the binder to the editor. No need to use ‘‘add link’’. In case you didn’t know.

I’m linking a word “Occupation” to the “Occupation List” text file within the Research folder of the same binder. When clicked on, the screen splits and the linked document is displayed in the other screen.


The image shows the link I’m referring to.

If link is to a file in one project’s research section, unless copy that section of project and place in same section of new project would expect link to be broken.
Either refer to folder on computer which would be unchanged if copied between projects on the same computer
Link to a folder on a shared folder like on Dropbox or google drive, etc. if using project on different computers may be better way to go.

That string in the scriv link, 19AFE8BE-…E0C1, is the UUID, the “file designator” on disk of the "Occupations” file in Research in the source project from which you are copying the template. So what is happening is that there is no file with that UUID in the target project. You may have copied over the “Occupations” file, but it has a different UUID, so the link comes across as simply a text string as it has nothing to link to.

What I find more interesting is that with some other projects it does work.

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If the documents were selected and dragged into the new project binder together, the links between those documents remain intact, because the UUID numbers can update all together when imported into the project.

The usual way of handling a template document like this, that you want linked up to others and in multiple projects, would be to set up a single project and use File ▸ Save as Template... to make that available as the basis for future projects, which would then start with all those template documents present and hooked up in the binder.

In a case where you’re adding to a project already underway, you can maintain the links by dragging all the connected documents from the source binder into the target binder in one fell swoop, so that the links remain intact. They would import all clustered together, so you may then need to move them around to place them wherever you really want them, but they’ll stay linked at that point.

If the project already contains some of the documents you’d want to link to—e.g you already have a document listing occupations in the binder, so you don’t want to copy the blank template doc for that—you can copy over the documents you do want, then right-click the broken links and choose Edit Link... to select the existing document you want the link to point to. You can also update it simply by selecting the link text (right-clicking is often the easiest way to do that), then dragging the target document from the binder, editor header, outliner, etc. onto the selected text.


Thank you for that very thorough answer, I now understand better understand how to manipulate links.

Thank you. That makes complete sense to me. I appreciate the thorough response.