Link to Google Earth?

Is there a simple way of linking Google Earth to Scrivener, so that I get a quick overview of the sites I’m describing and nail them down in the Research file?


Why dont you just drag GEs url into a file in your research folder in the binder? :slight_smile:


Hi Vic,

Does that mean I can simply open GE from within Scrivener and would then have to keep all my places tabbed in GE?

I was rather hoping that I could tie down specific GE location images to specific files and folders in Scriv. The next book is a huge odyssey with a lot of characters and different locations. I’d be a lot happier if I knew everything was safely recorded in Scriv. and I could write in one Editor screen with the image right next to it in the other. Is this possible?

Thanks for your very quick response,


Have you tried dragging the links into the References pane (Cmd-opt-I to show Inspector; Cmd-7 to show References)? Each resource and component of the draft can have its own reference list, which can be links to other parts of the Scrivener project, files on your drive, or web URLs (which should include Earth links). Note you can also attach Project References by switching the mode at the top of that pane. References made here will be accessible from every point in the project.

Hi Amber,
Thanks for your help. Up until now, I’ve only been an occasional user of GE, so the problem may lie there. What I’ve managed to do so far is save a location (Cali Zoological Garden) as a kmz. file on my hard drive and then drag it into Scriv. Reverences as you suggested.
However once there, if I double click on the file itself nothing happens. If I double-click on the GE icon, GE opens (which is great in itself) but it only opens as usual (as an external application) in the Whole Earth view and I then have to navigate to the location which is slow. I was rather hoping that if I double-clicked on the location file itself in Scrivener, it would open GE and take me straight there.
Any thoughts?

Thanks again

Scrivener just sends file double-clicks to the Finder, I believe. So if a file is not opening correctly in the intended application, make sure that the file type is set up properly in Finder. Find a KMZ file and Get Info on it. Make sure it is set to open with “Google”, and then click the “Change All…” button. It should work now. I just tried putting KMZ files into my references pane, and double-clicking on them goes straight to the location in Earth.

I checked and the file is set up correctly. I double clicked on it in the Finder and it still didn’t open directly to the location, only to the GE opening window. However I now have the location saved in My Places in GE, so got there with one more click.
My only concern is that if I have hundreds of locations saved in the future, and maybe many in the same city. it would be a lot easier to access them directly from their context in Scrivener, rather than having to trawl through lots of similar sounding places in GE. But I think I’ll wait and see if it actually is a problem first.
Thanks again for all your help.

Not sure what is going on there. I can put three or four different Earth links in references, and clicking on them goes straight to the appropriate spot on the globe. Perhaps there is a preference in Earth that needs to be set?

Hi Amber,
The great news from you is simply knowing that it can be done!
I’m running a much-loved but oldish iBook G4 (PowerPC) and that might also be a contributory factor.
When I launched the location again just now it went to the GE opening world once more and offered up all kinds of error messages so that might be an issue.
I’m under no pressure just yet, o I’ll just carry on playing around within GE and Scrivener and the Finder.
Thanks again for your help.