LINK TO instead of Importing files

Forgive me if this has been discussed before. For those collecting a lot of data for their researches, I think an option to LINK TO the data on your harddrive instead of IMPORTING them would come in handy.

Backing up 6GB of video is no fun (waiting time). So right now I have a separate folder where I keep all the video files, and the rest I imported it into Scrivener, files such as PDF, .webarchive, images etc… So in the end, I only have 66MB for Scrivener to take care of when it decides to backup, instead of backing up the non-important videos that takes up 6GB.

These are video files I downloaded from the net and they help me with my researches. I watch them to take notes etc… but I still prefer to do all this in Scrivener yet without having these files imported into Scrivener.

You can already import files as links in Version 2 of Scrivener: try File > Import > Research Files as Aliases…

The Manual Section 10.1.3 has full details:


Thank you so much! It was there the whole time and I didn’t know anything about it. I have tried Scrivener on and off but version 3 will be my first purchase ever. Thanks again.

Glad it helped – enjoy…