Link to other drafts part and printed copy

Good afternoon everyone.

I am writing a project which will be both an ebook and a printed book, for many people still prefer the printed matter.

I am putting many internal link for the comfort of ebook readers, who will be able to jump from one part to another and back.

But I wonder how those links would be handled on the file compiled for printing.

Will it be possibile to tell the compiler to write a page reference into brackets on the right of the page, say (see page xxx)?

That way even «paper readers» would take advantage of the internal references.

Or is there any other way to handle that? Of course, there is no way to reference a page while still in Scrivener, for there are no pages and even it there were you could not refer them and keep editing the outlin and the structure of the book, which is the thing making it worth using Scrivener the most…

Thank you.

You need to investigate Placeholders. If you look under the Help menu, you will find a complete list of them.

Thank you for the head up, I’ll look into that.