Link to Page/Document does not compile to Link to Page/Document

I am just evaluating the Scrivener Version: (1274136) 64-bit, still trial in Windows.

A bit disappointing that Scrivener does not compile the links to be functional in the compiled final document, in my case either PDF or Word. The links do appear as links in the compiled document but are pointing to Scrivener rather than to the page of the prospective compiled document. When I click on the link, it opens my Chrome browser, home tab Google and that’s it.

I often create a document where if I claim something to be true, I embed there a hyperlink to the evidence document at the end of my piece of work.


I think this is on their bug list.

Is’t that what Endnotes are for?

Cross-reference links should be working fine in RTF-based output, such as DOCX. Make sure you do not have the Convert document links to link back to Scrivener option set, in the general options tab (gear icon) of the main compile overview window. That will of course cause all links to load the original chunks of text in Scrivener when you click on them (it shouldn’t be going to your browser though, that’s a bit odd).

As for PDF though, that’s a known limitation.

Thanks All,
As I am still evaluating the functionality of Scrivener, all experiments were done with the included with the software Tutorial text. Still none of the advise worked even for rtf or docx.

Tried to create my own document and try the link to documents and linking worked for rtf and docx, except PDF.
Not sure why it would not work on the included tutorial text but main thing is I can compile to Word and if PDF is required I can export the Word to PDF.
Thanks for your help.

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Okay, yeah I see what is happening. Checking our records, this is in fact a known bug in that if a link points to something that is included in the compile, but the section it points to does not generate an actual link anchor to link to, it should be stripped out completely. Instead it is left in as a broken “scrvlnk” URL that doesn’t work at all outside of Scrivener.

I’ve elevated the priority of this bug, since that casts a poor impression on the software and produces invalid documents.

Thanks AmberV,
Most grateful for your help and contribution.

When does this happen?

Like say, if the thing you are linking to is in Research, it shouldn’t try to link to it anyway because it would never compile. For the same reason, if the thing you’re linking to is compiled, but doesn’t create a bookmark for itself, it shouldn’t try to link to it.

I don’t know what that means. Do documents create bookmarks?

Yes, we’re talking about how RTF-based files work, where to create a link from one spot to another you need a bookmark in the target location. Binder items may do so, but not necessarily, as an option in the Section Layouts: Settings tab, for Include in RTF Bookmarks.

Excuse my cranial density, but I still don’t get it.

When we create a link to document B in document A (cursor in A, Edit->Link to Document->B), that’s a clickable link in the Editor … but it won’t compile as a link because there are no bookmarks in document B? I’d have to go to B and add a bookmark?

Here is the Section layouts tab and Settings pane. I don’t see that option.

Your screenshot is of the PDF setup options, which wouldn’t have anything for inserting RTF bookmarks.

Got it.