Link to Web pages in Research folder

Hi there!

I’m new to Scrivener but already liking it a lot!

I have a question: When I was first playing around and following the tutorial I never got the “import web page” function to work properly (I have read in the forum that many have that problem on Windows, though). However I did manage to save links Web pages as individual Items within the research folder. That’s good enough for me. However now I can’t remember how I did it! I’ve just wasted two hours trying different methods, but I couldn’t reproduce it. Can someone help this newbie out?

I have included a screenshot to clarify what I mean.


Nevermind, I think I managed! I use the “Import complete Web Page (MHT)” function. Though the function I think doesn’t work as intended (the web page doesn’t get imported), it does save a link as mentioned in my first post.

BTW: I tried the Scrivener 3 beta out of curiosity and this function seems to work much better in v3. I’m looking forward to the new version!

To do links, I highlight the text I want to use, then from menu edit / link / No prefix

and paste in the web address from my browser. The web address will already have the http:// or https:// . Works fine.

Hi Steve -
Thanks for your reply. Yes that works, but it’s not the function I am after since it doesn’t create a document per link (I want each link to be a separate document in the research folder). Ideally I would import the webpage as PDF but since that function doesn’t work the workaround I described earlier is ok most of the time. I still wish there was a better option.

I’m still experimenting, but what I do is to add a text item to the Research folder, then add a word and use Edit/Link … to make it a hyperlink.

For example, I wanted to add a link to a Wikipedia article to Research. So I …

  1. Created a new text item in the Research folder
  2. Named it “Wiki Article”
  3. Added the word “Link” to the text
  4. Highlighted “Link” and used Edit/Link … to open the link dialog
  5. Copied the Wikipedia URL and pasted it in (with the “No prefix” option, as described above, so I don’t duplicate the prefix)

Now I have a “Wiki Article” item in the Research folder that I can move into a subfolder, rename it, whatever I want with it. If I want to open the article, I click on the “Wiki Article” item and click on the word “Link”.

I suppose I could use the Document References pane to add the external link, but I don’t see any point – just more work, more clicking.

I could also print the article as a pdf with my browser, and upload the pdf to the Research folder. But then I’d just have a big, unwieldy file that’s hard to read and not updated; why bother when I can just link out to the article itself, online?

Is there a simpler way?