Link two separate Scrivener projects together?

Just wondering if this is possible. I would like to break out a chapter of a larger piece and make a separate Scrivener project for just that section. But I want to be able to link back to the original in a clean way.


Are you just looking for an easy way to load the other project up while you are working in the chapter-specific one? Project References would probably suffice for that. If you are looking for something more complicated, like multiple binders in a single binder, you won’t find anything like that. What is your main reason for wanting to split out a chapter like this? Usually Scrivener is pretty good at letting you get detailed in a section without messing things up, that’s why I ask. You can even focus the binder down to just that chapter if you want, with the Documents/Hoist Binder command, or create a working area with a Collection.

Thanks for your reply, AmberV. I guess I was thinking of having one master binder that contained a lot of sub-binders. I’d basically like to start a chapter, but I’d like to think of it as possibly becoming it’s own book. You could say that I’m not sure whether I’m writing one book or a series of seven shorter books. Something like that. In any case, I think using one project binder and using the built-in organizational tools to impose some rigorous structure and divisions on my project is probably the best approach. I’m perfectly happy to treat each project binder as it’s own thing completely isolated and unto itself – that just imposes a different sort of clarity.

There have been a few threads on managing multiple books in a series that might be of interest to you. Two that I found through searching were:


The short version: You can create folders like “Book 1: The Beginning-ing”, and “Book 2: Frankie Begins Again” and structure your books under those folders, treating each one as a separate Draft/Manuscript folder. Once book 1 is complete, you can move it out of the Draft folder (perhaps into a “Canon” or “Completed manuscripts” folder) to de-clutter, but you’ll always have past drafts and future notes within easy reach.