Link within document

Is it possible to add a hypertext link within a document? I think it used to be, but can’t find anything in the tutorial about it for Scrivener 3.

I’m editing a novel in Word, and have pasted a copy of the whole book into a Scrivener document. I’d like to link Chapter 1 in the contents list to Chapter 1 of the book, and so on, as I go, to save a lot of messy searching. Is this still possible?


Yes, you can do this by selecting the text in your content list and then Edit > Link to Document. Alternatively, you can select the text you want to link, and then drag the document you want to link from the binder and drop it on the selected text to turn it into a link.

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Keith, the text is within the same document. I want to be able to hop down from one word to another within it.

Ah, okay. No, there’s no way to do that and never has been. Links can only work between documents.

Ah, pity that. Thanks.