Link words to chapters/save searches?

I’m writing a non-fiction book that mentions probably 200 different people. I need to keep a track of if and where each person has been mentioned in my chapters. I know I can do a search which will bring up each mention but is there any way I could save this search and for it to be updated each time that person is mentioned? Or is that asking too much? Would creating a link be a better way? I haven’t used links at all as they only seem to link to whole chapters rather than to individual words but maybe I’m missing something. Perhaps someone has experience of doing this with a lot of characters in a book?


If I understand you correctly, you can do exactly what you want. In the search field in the toolbar, click on the downward-pointing triangle next to the magnifying glass to bring up the search menu. At the bottom you will see an option entitled “Save Search…” This allows you to create a name for the search, and the search gets added as a little purple folder at the bottom of the binder. Then, whenever you want to run the same search again, you can just double-click on that little purple icon in the folder. (In 2.0 the results will also get shown in the corkboard or outliner; for now it just replaces the binder with the search table as in a normal search.)

Hope that helps.
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Hi Keith
I knew there would be a way! The only problem is that 200+ saved searches might be a bit unwieldy to navigate. Would assigning the names to keywords be an alternative? I could break them down into categories if that would help.
Thanks so much

Keywords do make a nice alternative to saved searches because you can use that one-click filter button from the HUD.

Keywords are working well despite the number I’ve now got. Is it possible to export keywords? Or print out the list?

In the HUD, press Cmd-A to select them all, then Opt-Right arrow to expand all of your groups completely. Cmd-A again to select the newly revealed children keywords. Then just drag and drop these to any available text field to get a comma-delineated list.

That’s brilliant - I would never have worked that one out. Very useful. Thanks

And thanks from me too. After reading this I was inspired to try the same trick with headings in the binder, and it works with there too. That will save me a lot of time.

This works in the Outliner as well. :slight_smile: