Linkable anchor in text

I would like to be able to insert a hypertext link while I am writing the manuscript, to a specific part of a reference document, to be used in parts that I still have to write. I would like to be able to select some text in a reference document and put a link to it into my draft.

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The ability to link to a place within a document, vs. just linking a document as a whole, is something I would love to have too.

+1 on internal document links (to text, figures, etc.)!!

Welcome Jason.

The thread which contains the following post which I’ve linked to is well worth a read. The post itself is long and informative. I think you’ll find at least something in it useful.

Thanks, @anon56864026 I saw the post prior to posting, but was hoping for a more direct solution (i.e., in case the Scrivener developers monitor these forums). Being able to create your own anchors inside a document feels like a logical extension of several things Scrivener already does quite well. Fingers crossed it will make it into Scrivener someday :crossed_fingers: Cheers

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