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I’ve been using Scrivener for a few months now, and am constantly learning new ways to use this program. It’s simply amazing!

A question about linked comments: In the manual it says at the beginning of chapter 17 that “Linked notes can be easily viewed together in a collected interface”.

In the Inspector I only see the notes for a certain text file. Even if I select several text files, I only see the notes for the current text. Is there a way to see all the notes for the entire document?


Thanks for the kind words! There’s no way at the moment to view collected notes across multiple documents, although that is planned for the next major version when we’ll be overhauling how the Scrivenings session works internally.

The comment in the manual is just referring to the fact that linked notes scattered throughout a single document are all stacked together in the inspector without reference to the distance between their anchor text. So if you have a lengthy document with a comment at the top, bottom, and one in the middle, you can view all three of the comments at once in the inspector without needing to scroll through the entire document the way you would in typical word processors. That can make them especially handy when you want to make a visible note to “insert table here” or create “bookmarks” for yourself to jump to parts of the document.

I, too, am very impressed with all the possibilities of Scrivener. You (MM) say that “There’s no way at the moment to view collected notes across multiple documents, although that is planned for the next major version when we’ll be overhauling how the Scrivenings session works internally”. But the manual also says in section 18.9: “The final pane keeps track of all the comments and footnotes that appear in the current text view. This means that in Scrivenings mode where multiple documents are represented, this display will show a combined view of all notes across the documents, in the order that they appear.” De facto, I cannot get this to work - as soon as I go to “Scrivenings” view, the “comment & footnote” pane goes empty. (I am using Version: - 06 Oct 2016). So, is the manual wrong in section 18.9? If this worked, it would be a tremendous help in my research project. :slight_smile:

The Mac version essentially treats a scrivening session (i.e. multiple documents) as one long document for this purpose, so you can see things like footnotes and comments across individual documents.

The Windows version at the moment still has to treat them as individual documents (conceptually, what you see is collection of editors, rather than one big one), so you can only see that document’s notes and footnotes. We’ve been told this will change at the next major upgrade.

In fact, this limitation is mentioned in the Manual – in the footnote to the section you quote (18.9)

1. In the case of Scrivenings mode, which displays the contents of multiple Binder items in one view, each individual chunk of text remains a “texteditor”, for purposes of that definition. Only those comments and footnotes found within the currently edited section of the Scrivenings session will be displayed in the sidebar.

So unfortunately, you won’t be able to do this till V3, which we’re all hoping won’t be too long in coming now.

Thank you for the prompt reply, which is helpful, though a bit disappointing. Just found out that the user manual has been amended: what I quoted is found in the user guide “Scrivener 1.8 for Microsoft Windows”- which I have been using, since it has my own markations and comments; in the manual for 1.9 this has now been omitted and replaced by the footnote you cite.
If I may ask a related question: it appears that once made, the text in linked comments cannot be edited (one can only change background colour or convert to footnotes). Is that correct?

No, they’re fully editable — or they are for me anyway. Just double click on a comment and edit away…

Ah, the double does it! Should have tried that myself. Great - thanks for all your help! :smiley: