linked images - not only in the editor modus

Scrivener is great! A real discovery for me.
In my view it would be greater if there was the possibility to
a) Insert or import images LINKED TO FILE not only in drafts but also in research modus (corkboard), not only in the editor but directly into the folder resp. directly onto the corkboard.
If you work a lot with images and cannot work with a path to the file size gets oversized in some days.
b) Insert or import complete content of a FOLDER of linked images (as far as a I see it, by now you can only insert a single file, not all from certain folder.

I browsed the wish list - sorry if I missed other remarks regarding the import of linked images.


Anything that appears in the binder is imported - if you want to link to images, you should use document or project references.

Thanks for the kind words!

All the best,