Linking Behavior

I would like to be able to drag PDFs into a Scapple board and choose to link to them, rather than convert them to an image. Is there a way to accomplish this? (How about holding down Ctrl-Cmd like in the finder?) I have this problem whether I try to drag the document in from the finder, or if I drag and drop the document icon from the title bar.

I’m making maps for doing a literature review for my research, and linking to supporting documents (most of which are PDFs) would a lot easier if I could drag and drop them-- manually editing the links is pretty time-consuming.

Bits of this conversation have also been happening in these threads:,, but am continuing here because it seems like an unresolved break-out topic.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Yes, I have this one already on the list to take a look at in the future. Some kind of modifier key method may be the best approach. Note you can still drag and drop files into the URL field, so what you can do is leave a “template” note off to the side with a link to file:// which you can then duplicate and edit, then drop the PDF into the URL field. It saves typing in the file protocol part anyway.

Thanks, that’s a helpful workaround to cut out some steps.

Apologies for raising this from the dead – but figured I would check whether this was ever implemented?

Would understand completely were it not, given where the understandable focus has been over the last couple of years!