Linking between two projects

I am trying to find a way to work with two different projects, project A being the main project, project B the project bible.

For various reasons, I’ve decided against combining them into one project using folders. But I would like to be able to create links between the two, perhaps using Scrivener links.

In project A I’ve set up a page that has a link to project B using the file:///path/projectname.scriv URI scheme.

This link opens the B project in another window, or switches to the project if it’s already open. This of course doesn’t accomplish any more than does simply opening the B doc from the File > Recent Projects menu, and so isn’t too useful.

Which gets me to my question.

Is it at all possible to create an external link in project A that would not only open project B, but open it to a specific document? I’m thinking of something similar to how html named anchors work:


I half expect to see this or similar as an option on the Edit --> Scrivener Link New Link dialog… but no. Is something like this available on the Mac side, or possibly planned in a future update?

It would be useful for creating a “system” of otherwise separate and independent projects.

I’m bumping this, because it would be fantastic to be able to do this.

Here’s the bumper sticker version:

Yes there are plans for this (it’s on the Mac already). It will use URL protocols, like Evernote links work. You’d end up with a URL like ‘x-scrivener-item:///Path/to/Project.scriv?id=3211’, with a few attribute options for controlling if it opens in the main editor, other editor, etc. A general purpose URL that points to an item will of course have many uses in and out of Scrivener.

Having this is going to be so good. And the options/variations you’re describing sound as useful as they are only to be expected… and that’s a nice winning combination! :slight_smile:

This should be implemented so that you could choose among variations – open in current editor, other editor, new project window – on the fly, case by case, using L and R mouse clicks in combi with accelerator keys, eg, single click = other editor, Shift-click = other window, etc, with all of these variations being available on a right click context menu AND also accessible in the shortcut editor. To only be able to access those variations through the main app menu would make them less usable.

I’m really looking forward to this. It will bring a nice dimension to project management and navigation.