Linking docs within a Scriv project file

Within my Scriv project I have a series of images of an old Will contained within a folder inside the research folder. There are several of these relating to different Wills. I have a separate folder within the research folder which contains my notes on each of these Wills. There are in fact several of these ‘will folders’ each with images of a complete Will together with separate note documents applicable to each Will.

My question is whether it is possible to link the note file to an appropriate image within one of the ‘will folders’? Thus:-

Notes on Will of Thomas Bloggs the elder (link to image of page1) Further down the notes page a link to image of page 2, and so on. Ideally I could have the image open in a split window so I can view note and image side by side.

The next note would be the Will of Thomas Bloggs the younger, with ilinks to the appropriate images and so on to Thomas Bloggs the even younger etc. Some families used the same name across multiple generations which makes things confusing at times.

The alternative I suppose would be to link to image files outside Scriv, but since there are several of these Wills it’s probably going to be easer to create a set of lower res images for import to Scriv and keep the whole thing within the Scriv project.

Any ideas? There’s quite a few posts on here about links but I can’t see anything which covers what I’m looking for.

Something like the attached?

Slàinte mhòr. (99.6 KB)

Yes thanks that’s pretty much how I was looking to do it. The only minor difference is that I have all my Will notes in one folder and the Will images in a separate folder, but the principle is the same.

So, next question is how did you do it :smiley: I can’t deduce anything from a right-click on the link.

By using Edit > Link to document.

Does this help?

Add Document Link.gif

Slàinte mhòr.

Yes thanks. Must have been asleep but thought that only applied to docs outside the project.
Thanks for the help - solved it perfectly. :slight_smile:


In the sample, Scrivener creates the link using the file name. You probably already know that you can also create your own text / label and then use the same method to link that to a specified file (i.e. the link itself doesn’t have to mirror the name of the text or image file being linked to). Or if you use the sample method, you can then edit the visible text to anything you deem as being more useful or meaningful.

Good luck with your project.

Slàinte mhòr.

I did know but thanks for the reminder

Thank you. It involves a lot of early 18thC Wills and since the first son usually took his father’s given name, it is very easy to confuse them across multiple generations and link the wrong Will to a particular person. I thought using a hard link internally would make the task easier, even if it meant creating a set of lower res images to keep the project file size a small as possible. Links to external files generally get broken when transferring across to the laptop,

Thanks again for the help.