Linking footnote text to document

Perhaps this is a corner case, but I am using Scrivener to organize large sets of unstructured data (think large non-fiction research). This consists of a document with many entries (subject of note, content of note, source for note) like below:

Tags: Content subject tag, content subject tag 2
Note: Actual content supplied by resource
Resource: Bibliographic data

Later on, after compiling the data, as I go to craft the non-fiction narrative, I will need to reference these facts in the storytelling. In order to do that, I plan to write the prose and put the reference notes in as footnotes.

Is there a way to link footnote content to material from another document? Right now, I can copy the content above into the footnote (so that I am able to find the reference and double check it for accuracy) but then the material exists in two places, the footnote and the original note on the list of entries. Ideally it would be nice for the content to only exist in the original list and the footnote to be able to link to the content shown in that list so the footnote updates if the original note is updated.

For clarity, I want to keep the long list (think several thousand) of entries intact as a library so I can use them in more than one place if need be.

Any suggestions? A way to use Scrivener links that l am unaware of? (I know I could do this by making every note a separate document, but that seems more challenging to manage as it would be lots of documents in the binder rather than lots of text in a single document).

Any way to write a plugin for Scrivener that would do this?

How have other people managed large lists of facts so that they could be referenced as a central library?