Linking from other programs to Scrivener page

For some project I’m using a Wiki back-to-back with Scrivener so I can store research information in my Wiki of the stuff that I’m writing about. So it would be cool if I could have a special URL in my Wiki that would link directly to a page in Scrivener. For example:


I wouldn’t mind if there are some limitations, for example if it would only work with the currently opened Scrivener file.

I hope something like this could be implemented! Thanks, it’s a great product! :smiley:

This is already possible - use Edit > Copy Special > Copy Document as External Link to copy the URL you need.

I’m sorry for the very late reply, I forgot to watch the topic. I don’t have the “Copy Document as External Link”. I did try the two other ones “Copy Document as Scrivener Links” and “… as ToC” but these create links that can be used only from within Scrivener while I like a URL that I can use to link from an external app to inside my Scrivener document. Any idea where the option you mentioned went? It sounds like that could be the one I need.


It’s in version 2.5. Have you updated? You have to select a document in the Binder first to get the menu command to change from greyed-out to black, the link goes on to your clipboard and then you can paste the link into your external document.

I’ve done the update and now it works. Thank you! :smiley:

Is this feature planned for the Windows version as well? Because that would be awesome. :wink:

As has been said many times, all features of the Mac version will be coming to Windows, but the Mac version had been available for 5 years or so before development began on the Windows version, and (a) the Mac version isn’t on ice while the Windows version catches up, and (b) it’ll take time as it’s a very small programming team (1.5 people).