Linking from Scrivener to FreePlane

I had put extensive notes into FreePlane before discovering Scrivener. I wanted to be able to use a Scrivener Document Reference to jump to a specified node in a FreePlane mind map. I recently worked out a method to do that. I’ve written about it here:
Earlier I had made a video that demonstrated my earlier work-around. You can find the video here:

I hope some Scrivener users find this tip useful.

Nice! I don’t use FreePlane, but I use a few other programs that have linking, and being able to put that link into References like you demonstrate, or even into a text hyperlink, is very handy. In the next version we’re going to be doing something similar for Scrivener, so you can link to elements within a project from anywhere that takes a URL.

Here’s a link to a video where I go into this in more detail:


Here’s some good news for anyone who uses Scrivener with FreePlane:
Scrivener now links easily to any specified node in any specified FreePlane file.

You can read about it here:


That sounds really cool.

I wonder if something similar can happen between Scapple and Scrivener? Linking specific Scapple notes to specific Scrivener files/folders and vice versa?

Maybe it’s already a feature and I just haven’t noticed.