Linking images with text pages?

Hi, I’ve searched through the forums but haven’t found an answer for this specific issue:

I’m using Scrivener for the first time to edit my children’s book. I have the screen split with my text in one window and rough sketches from my illustrator in the other (I imported the images into my “Research” folder and dragged each one to its corresponding page’s “Document Reference” column).

So here’s the question: is there a way to link the text and images so that when I click on a page in the “Draft” folder, its corresponding image pops up in the image window? At this point, I have to click on the page then double-click on the icon in the reference column. It’s not a big deal, but it’d be nice if the switch were automatic. Thanks for any tips.

This isn’t what you were asking for, but maybe it will suffice for your purposes:

Instead of having two panes, have just one. Drag the image into the “Document Notes*” pane to the right (under your Synopsis). You can expand that whole region of the window to be quite big, and you can collapse the synopsis and “General” sections to help enlarge the picture.

  • If you see “Project notes” click on the little arrows to the right of that label to change it to show you the Document Notes.

There was some discussion about making an automatic feature like this, some time ago, but if I recall the idea never really took off because there wasn’t a good generalised way of going about doing that. Since the References pane can hold potentially thousands of images, there would need to be some kind of way of specifying, manually, if something was meant to load. That wouldn’t be a huge problem in itself, but there is also the matter of clobbering your existing set-up. It would have to load it in the other split, but you might have something there you want to reference already, and this feature would be constantly blowing that way. I don’t think the idea, in general, is off the table, but it has been shelved for now. Perhaps with 2.0 and onward there will be some better options for this, since there will be more ways to view referenced images without relying upon the split pane. Once 2.0 is out, and you get a chance to review these features, you might consider submitting your request to the Wish List, revised to include the new features in the proposal.

For now though, robertdguthrie gives good advice on an alternate method that many use for this sort of thing. That’s exactly the kind of thing the Notes field is meant for—data and media that you always need automatically available whenever you load a document. References were not, at least in their original conception, meant to serve in this particular role, but rather a more auxiliary role.

Thank you both for the responses. I’ll fiddle around with your suggestions and see what I can do.