Linking Information

I did not see a Forum for sharing information that I find useful to my writing process with Scrivener or I would have shared this, there. I recently discovered a new app called Hook. What Hook does, is allow any file or document I am working on, to create a non destructive link to that document or file. Then, I paste that link into my Scrivener document’s associated Hook file. Because it is non destructive, if I later move the linked file around, the link stays with the file.

This is not meant to take the place of other filing systems or software. It is meant to allow me to link together all the pieces of something I am writing that comes up with a single Hook-centric keystroke. Really it is a very nice idea for staying focused on my writing while keeping together all the parts I might want to go back and forth with while I am writing. This includes websites, files on my Mac, and also documents.

Just passing this along in the hope that it can help others.


Thanks for sharing this! The Using Scrivener ( forum is intended for this sort of workflow tip.

Thanks, I did not know this. If a moderator wants to move this post to that more appropriate section, it is allright by me.