Linking internally to a specific place on a page

Thanks to u/iap-scrivener on Reddit for their post in this Reddit thread.

The link, though, is broken; I couldn’t immediately find a way to link from one Scrivener (3.3.1 on 13.4) document to a specific portion (ideally, say, a Heading) in another (Scrivener) document.

Is that, by any chance, (still) possible, please?

Here is an updated link to that topic. There has been a fair bit of discussion after that post as well, which showcases some different approaches based on these core ideas, from the community.

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Thanks so much, @AmberV !

Extremely helpful. Shall read and experiment :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! I’ve done a little shuffling of its content, as I have realised in retrospect that some of the practical examples ended up getting introduced before all of the core ideas for linking. It should hopefully flow a bit better now, showing that idea, and then building on it with the examples.

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Still working my way through it, @AmberV; thanks.

There’s so much there of more general use (‘small is beautiful’, for instance) that this deserves more time and attention.

Very much appreciated. Will Scrivener ever manage to disappoint? I doubt it!

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