Linking into DevonThink databases

This came up in another thread, and someone suggested I post it here.

DevonThink databases, like Scrivener projects, are “packages,” which means that files within the database are hidden from the outside world. This is annoying if you are trying to link to a file in your DT database from a Scriv. project. Here’s my workaround:

  • Use DevonThink’s “Reveal in Finder” command to get a Finder window showing the desired file.

  • Use Finder tools to create an alias to the file.

  • Drag the alias out of the DT package to whatever location is convenient.

  • Link to or import the alias from Scrivener exactly as you would any other file.


  • This will only work for files in DT’s Files directory, such as imported PDFs. It will not work for RTF files that you create directly in DT. You’ll have to export those to make them Scrivener-accessible.

  • DO NOT try this trick with files you intend to edit. DT explicitly warns that using another program to tamper with files in its database can cause undesired and unpredictable results. If you want to change the file, give Scrivener its own unique copy.

Happy writing!