Linking Multimarkdown Images in Research Folder

I have been experimenting with images while composing in multi markdown. Is there a way to link to images in the research folder without using the “mouse right click to select a Scrivener link” method? What I mean is, can I type in a MMD image link? Say my image is called “monkey.jpg” in a folder called “images” in the research folder. How could a type a link that would compile to MMD? I am sure it is in the manual or somewhere on the web, but I got lost in “reference links” and “Scrivener links” and the like, and what I have tried has not worked. I have used image links in non-Scrivener markdown successfully, but I am a bit confused here.

You can use option+drag to drop in an image from the binder (this is the method I use), but I think you are asking for a method that doesn’t use the mouse at all?

You can just write in the name of the file like file.png (usually relative to the base document) — but Scrivener will not know to export this automatically, so you will have to do this manually.

Try turning on the Automatically detect [[Scrivener links]] option in the Corrections preference pane. Then you can type something like the following:

![Monkeying Around]([[monkey]])

The latter part will have the brackets stripped and turned into a link, which is precisely all you need to turn this into a functional image that gets exported with the rest of the compile.

That’s what I need. Thank you.