Linking Question.


I’m not sure if this is a Scapple question, or a Scrivener question. Is there a way to put a link in a Scapple note which points (links) into a Scrivener doc/folder? I can do it the other way (Scrivener -> Scapple) easily enough. I can also do it from Scapple -> Scapple, or Scrivener -> Scrivener.

Eg: If I have a text folder in Scrivener called ‘chapter 10’ and a link inside it pointing to a Scapple note called ‘Scapple 10’, I can happily move in that direction and add any pictures and bubbles that come to mind, but when I want to go back to ‘chapter 10’ and continue writing there is no linkable way to do it (that I know of).

I know that I can just go back to Scrivener manually but I’m one of those really irritating people that needs to know these things…


Yes, any item in a Scrivener project binder can have a direct link built for it. This will be a URL that you can in fact insert wherever URLs can be used, even off of links in text files from other programs. To create one, simply right-click on the item in the Binder, and select Copy Document Link from the contextual menu. Paste that into the link field in Scapple and you’re good to go. This will even open the project off of the disk if necessary when you click it. Do note that you don’t want to rename or move your project once you have a network of links established to it. Since links are plain-text you could update them to the new full path to the project, but that’s a bit of a pain.

Oh, excellent. That works a treat. Thank you.

I didn’t realize that a Scapple note had a link field. Where can I find it?

The link field is made accessible by selecting any text within a note, and using the Edit ▸ Add Link… menu command (⌘L). If there is no selection then the original URL will be inserted as the hyperlinked text.