Linking Scrivener Project to other Projects?


I’m still exploring Scrivener, and one of my current projects is a collection of short stories. I set each story as a project, so it includes my research, variants, etc. Now, as I am organize them into the collection, I was wondering if it was possible to create a Scriv project called Short Story Collection, and link for each of my Scriv story project the one text (or folder) that is the polished, final piece. This way, I can move them around in Story Collection, and whenever I edit one specific story project, the Collection is updated as well. Further, if I edit one story while in the Collection project, it updates it in the Single Story project.

I had this set up set up in the rather nightmarish Master Document mode of Word in the past. As it is now, I find my self continually updating my stories in multiple documents to keep them current.

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P.S. I just realized this should probably have been posted in technical support. Sorry.


There’s no way of doing this as documents inside Scrivener are contained in its project file (.scriv) and cannot link to other projects or other folders on disk.

For a short story collection, it might be best to keep all of the stories in one project rather than in separate projects, and have folders within the research section dedicated to each story.

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Why not use subfolder for each story and give each one of them a subfolder in the research part also?

Thanks for the suggestions. That could work, but since I have about forty stories that are 15 to 30 pages long, and I have collected them in different ways, it’s not quite ideal.

You can drag files from one project directly into another project (this copies them rather than creates references, though), so it wouldn’t take too long to move everything into a master project.