Linking Scrivener with Nanowrimo not working - yet

Hey all.
I have seen that we are able to link up with Nanowrimo when it starts, however option 2 doesn’t show up on my version:
2. From the bottom of Scrivener’s “Project” menu, select “Update NaNoWriMo Word Count”.
I have focused on scene pages, wordcount template, my own page, but still no option is showing in the project menu. I have tried starting a few projects with the template, and nothing.
I have tried to reinstall the template, but still nothing.

I am version 3.2.2 with no updates available.

Over on the NaNoWriMo forums, I read that this feature is - as of now - only available in the special NaNoWriMo version. I assume it will show up in the regular version at some later point.

Mmm, the way it is worded in their mail sounds as if it should be implemented already:

  • If you already own Scrivener and so are not using the special trial version, download the NaNoWriMo project template from this page (the page provides instructions on how to install the template).

Once you’ve created a project from the “Novel (NaNoWriMo)” template, you will find a new menu item at the bottom of the “Project” menu: “Update NaNoWriMo Word Count”. (Note that this menu item only ever appears when the NaNoWriMo project is open and focussed—it is not available for other projects.)

Here’s the post: NaNoWriMo (requires a NaNoWriMo account to read).

It’s by @AmberV of L&L. She should be able to clarify.

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Thank you Dirk. Managed to find it just before you posted.

The template itself can only enable what exists in the software as a feature, it cannot create a feature in the software that does not exist. Therefore you will need to have a version of Scrivener that has this feature (the NaNo demo only at the moment). I’m not sure what the status is, on a regular build that has the feature.

So I download the trial NaNo version and use it just for the month? After which I can read and edit in regular Scrivener, but the template expires, so to speak?

As an existing user, at this point you can just upgrade your copy of Scrivener to use the special word count feature and download the template separately, at this bottom of the NaNo page.


Busy updating now! Thank you!

Thanks so much You’re the best

One last question: Can I still have a blinking cursor on the new version?

I don’t see why not. We haven’t taken it away (unless you are referring to Apple taking it away, but then that’s only something they did to users who upgrade to newer systems).

You can always try. It’s really super simple to “install” software on a Mac. You just drop it into Downloads or somewhere temporary, double-click it, see if it runs and does what you want, and if it does, drag it to Applications and replace the main one. If you’re really worried, zip the old first, set the .zip aside, and then drag in the replacement. I always zip my software after I install an update, so I can revert back to whatever I need.

Cool And thanks for all the years of my writing with Scrivener and your participation in making it better.

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Works like a charm. Thanks