Linking text within two separate docs


I’m a bit of a novice with Scrivener. I’m trying to link selected text from one document in my research folder to text in the main document. Is this possible? I’ve looked around but can’t find a solution to this.

Help is appreciated!

Thank you.

As far as I know, you cannot link text from within one document to text within another document. It seems as though you can only link a document OR text within a document to another document.

Yeah, you can only link to a document, not to text within that document. Possible solutions:
o Create an annotation (inline or inspector) and copy the text from the other document that you want to associate with your current document’s passage. You can cite the document it comes from, like you might in a bibliographical footnote.
o Do actual bibliographical footnotes
o If the research document is not a PDF or other format that is view-only in Scrivener, split the document you are linking to around your desired destination passage, then link to the document containing the passage you are linking to.
o Link to the research document, and add a specific highlight color to the link as well as to the research document’s text. That way, you have a visual queue telling you what text is relevant. This of course requires that the research document is able to be highlighted (usually with an external program).

Thank you for the suggestions! I can totally work with creating footnotes through Inspector.

I’m working on a large project, so this solution is ideal - in fact, it’s better than linking text between documents because it’s less disruptive.

Thank you very much!


Other solutions are text bookmarks, which can insert with Edit/Insert/Bookmark Annotation. This puts a little blue asterisk at the front of the paragraph, and adds the paragraph to the list in the header icon menu under Bookmarks. That of course requires a text document to be linked to. What you can do is “name” the bookmark by typing text into the blue annotation after the asterisk. You can, for instance, insert a date stamp (easy to do, it even has a keyboard shortcut Shift-Opt-Cmd-D). Then use the datestamp in your cross-reference link in an annotation after it. Since that is kind of convoluted, here is an abbreviated example:

Obviously, these would be in different files; but you get the idea. In the file with the blue bookmark annotation, the datestamp would be listed in the Bookmarks menu. That way you can make note of it before you click the link, then use the menu to jump down. Inspector comments would be another way of doing this if you don’t mind the Inspector being open. The nice thing about this method is that it works easily without it being open.

I myself just prefer working in sections that are so small, that any link to them will be immediately relevant—but that is less of an option for imported research, unless you really want to spend a lot of time breaking up imported papers.

I’m also trying to link text-to-text, but as a Scrivener novice, I’m struggling. After spending several hours reading the forum and the manual, I think I need a sanity check.
I have a fiction piece I’m working on with dozens of characters. I’ve created character sheets for each of them and within the character sheets, I want to create a link to the character’s first appearance in the draft manuscript.
If I understand your post and Chap 10.1.1 of the manual (Create internal links), the only way to do text-to-text linking is to split off the sentence where the character is first mentioned into its own binder document. Then I can link the “character’s first appearance” text within the character sketch document to the introductory one-sentence documents in the manuscrupt in the binder.
Alternatively, I read AmberV’s suggestion of text bookmarks, but cannot find the command “Edit/Insert/Bookmark Annotation” and didn’t find ‘bookmark annotation’ in the manual. Perhaps that was for an earlier version? (I’m on v 3.2.3) Not sure if that would accomplish what I’m trying to do without splitting the scenes into one-sentence documents.
Can you please advise?

If you just want their first appearance, I suggest you use an inspector comment. You can change the color of a comment, so as to make “First Appearance” comments stand out in the list of any other inspector comments. Then, you can do a scrivenings view of the entire book, and scan the inspector for “first” comments. Click on one of those, and it will take you to the specific highlighted text.

For all other, broader tracking, I’d add a keyword per character appearing in each document, plus add that keyword to the character sheet. Then you can search for the keyword, and show up all of the documents where that charcter/keyword is assigned. If you locate all of your character sheets in a folder in the binder that’s above the manuscript folder, then the character sheet will be the first document in the search result.

Thank you for the speedy response! I understand your suggestion and will do this. It will be good for tracking the characters. Thank you very much!