Linking to Audio Files Rather Than Importing


I am creating notes and then a document from a 15-part conference recording. Each part is a little over an hour in length. I have imported all the audio pieces, plus other reference items into my project “Research” folder and have been working away on it happily using cmd-enter to start and stop the tape as I work on my notes. I keep the project in dropbox so I can work between my laptop and desktop as needed.

What I am wondering is if, instead of importing the audio files, there would be some way I could create a dropbox folder and just link to the files. I would prefer to only have the bulk of the audio files instantiated once in my environment rather than in ever backup (I am set to five versions) and in every open and close of the file (backup on open, backup on close). I have reduced the backups, taken them off dropbox and put them on local storage for speed, but a linking solution would be great!

I enjoy having the cmd-enter work to start and stop the playback (with the 3-second rewind), so I don’t want to give that up. I would like to do without the bulk of the files in my project. I hope this is already available and i just missed it in the docs.




You can use File > Import > Research Files As Aliases… This will bring the files into the binder, but only as aliases - that is, as links to the original files. So you can manipulate and use the files in the binder as normal, but the audio files themselves won’t be physically imported into the project.

Hope that helps.

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File save and open times have gone down at least an order of magnitude.