linking to documents on your computer

Hi, is there a way to hyperlink text in Scrivever to files that are on your local computer, but not actually included in the project file? For instance, I see how it easy it is to highlight some text in Scrivener, say the word “Charlie” and create a link to picture in Iphoto of my friend Charlie. The bummer is that the photo itself becomes part of the project file. I know there is a “related documents” feature in Scrivener, but I can’t see how to to link text to it.

If I made any sense at all, I’d appreciate any help or tips y’all might have.



You can link a whole document to an external file this way, but not specific text within the document, as far as I know. To link a document, go to the document’s notes pane (on the right) and click the little ribbon (for References) at the bottom of the pane (or press Cmd-7). Then click the plus sign, choose Look Up & Add External Reference, and choose the file you want to link.

Given that the linked files are in the same ‘relative’ place in the users home folder, would these links survive the Scriv file being moved? Say from a laptop to desktop or vice versa…

I’m not sure, but it would certainly make me nervous. I’d convert the file to a Scrivener-friendly format (like PDF) and pop it into the research folder.