Linking to external files, as opposed to copying & importing

Within multiple projects, is it possible to link to a single external research/reference file?

I like to work with a vertical split. My writing is on the left, with a research document on the right. At times (very rare) I need to make changes to the research doc (rtf file), but when I do the changes appear in the file within the current project, not all projects. Is it possible to add a file, separate from the project location, and view/edit the file so the changes will appear in all projects that reference the file? :laughing:

I searched around for an answer, but this post confused me more… :blush:
:mrgreen: noob question… How do you add a file to project, but not have it located in the binder?

I was actually curious about this too, if for slightly different reasons. One reason i don’t view my pdfs in scrivener when I’m writing my papers is because I like to have them handy in a “references” folder, which is contained withing the folder for that specific class (and sometimes that project). While this may seem “excessive”, it’s extremely handy when a group member needs a reference, or when my advisor wants me to send him some reference that I found. It would also mean that I could simply open up some articles, read, highlight, mark up, etc them, and then view them in scrivener when I actually start writing. Also means that I don’t end up with duplicates of the files if I want to import my lecture notes when I’m creating my study notes, etc.

We do not have linking set up yet. That is something that is planned for, however not for editable text files (for many of the same reasons you should never edit Scrivener’s internal RTF files with Word).

In some cases you may be able to use Scrivener as your file manager. I’m thinking specifically of PDF highlights here. It is possible to load the resources using the default application for doing so, and from there you can edit that file and save it. If you need a copy to give to someone, just export it from the Binder.

I’d be more likely to just keep all my research externally, and do a windows split screen rather than a scrivener split screen in this case. I understand that what I desire may not be possible, and I can just keep going as I am, but the point is I don’t want to have to have duplicate versions of all my research, all over my computer, which seems to be what you’re suggesting as a solution (exporting copies of the files when you need them elsewhere). It may not seem like much, but it just get’s confusing, takes up unnecessary disk space, sometimes I may think I’ve edited one, but really I’ve been in another, and then I wonder where all my highlights went >.> So, I suppose I’ll see what happens when you do add file linking, but looks like I’m stuck as is for now…

No, I totally agree with that being an awful scenario. When I meant was making a new copy when giving it way, so you could attach it to an e-mail or Dropbox or whatever and then get rid of it once it has been transferred. The idea is you would have only one copy, in Scrivener. For most people that works fine. The main reason you wouldn’t want that is if you intend to access these resources using a multitude of programs (rather than just whatever you get when you double-click), or just otherwise need them in an easy to predict location on the file-system for automation reasons (say you get updates from your designer for the charts). For these things, Scrivener may be a little too closed-off, and then linking Scrivener to a thing that everything else can interact with as well, is better. Like I say we’ll have a method for that in the future.

Meanwhile, for all cases where you typically only need your research for one thing and open it in one or two programs—Scrivener can work fine as a file organiser. That is in large part what it was designed to do. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Yeah, I feel like the linking will be more than enough for me. All I really want is a quick way to get to a file if I realize “Oh yeah! This is kinda like in that other article!”, rather than having to navigate to my file browser. I’ve sometimes used the same PDF for different projects, also, I download a lot from the internet for my sources, so it’s easier for me to just stuff them into a folder rather than save them, import, then delete the original file (unless I’m missing something). And it’s always nice having in it a ready to access folder incase I need to toss it on my kobo to get some reading done on a long bus ride or something.

Thanks though! I’ll be looking forward to file linking! I’m getting so much use out of Scrivener so far… Using it for everything from my relaxation time (finally working on some projects I’ve had on the back back back burner for years), to exam notes, and writing my research paper! It’s such a great utility!

Exactly my problem :exclamation: So for now, I guess I’ll use two separate apps for a vertical split instead of doing everything in Scrivener. After the linking feature is added I’ll go back to doing everything with one app.

Now if I could just get Scrivener to make my coffee…

Is this feature implemented?
Would be super useful when taking note from a book (in PDF). I’m manipulating to much PDF that I need to access with different tools. I can’t import them in Scrivener because then I can use them outside of it…

Having the ability to add a folder as a “shortcut” than directly access to the file system would be very cool. Of course moving the project to another computer will break the shortcut, but that’s not a problem for me.

This is an old thread in the Windows area of the board, and it appears you are a Mac user. In your case, you should refer to §9.2, Linking to Research Material, pg. 198 of the user manual PDF.