Linking to other pages

It’s been many months since I used Scrivener so this could absolutely be a user error. :wink:

I needed to update and re-compile a User Manual that I last updated a year ago. Upon opening Scrivener, I was prompted to update to 1.9, which I did. (Side note: In between the time I last edited this Scrivener project and now, I upgraded to Win10 and re-installed Scrivener.)

In this project, I have several references to other pages that I created using the <$p> feature. This worked great. The page number matched the corresponding page and was a clickable link direct to that page. Nice. I also had a Table of Contents that worked great with links and proper page numbers.

Now that I’ve made my updates to this project and I’m compiling it, the <$p> is printing out the current page rather than the page of the linked document. The Table of Contents is also printing out current pages instead of the linked paged. (So every entry in my TOC says page 2).

Am I missing something in the compile step? I am compiling to PDF but I also tried Word .docx.

The links are only supported for PDF and DOCX when converting via Microsoft Office’s libraries, so since you were able to do this previously, it sounds like you do have a compatible version of Office installed and just need to reset the converters in Scrivener. Under the Import/Export tab of Tools > Options, click on “Export Converters…”, then choose DOCX from the drop-down on the left and choose Microsoft Office from the right. Do the same for PDF (and for DOC if you wish), then OK to apply the changes and try the compile again.

Yes! That was it. Thank you so much!