Linking to PDfs and jpgs without importing them

Hey Gang!

I am using Scrivener to write scholarly publications, and we’ve had a happy relationship for about 3 years now. That being said I must confess I never spent too many hours reading the manual, though I watched the videos and solved occasional issues reading the manual and the forum.

Thing is, one of my project is getting too big. I have a pretty big digital library and what I like to do is taking notes of the books, archives or articles I read with Scrivener. I love being able to display 2 documents side by side making taking notes a great experience all the more since I am using Dragon dictate.
What I’d like to do is to link to the document without properly importing it into my project as I am talking about hundreds of pdf and jpg files. I thought Scrivener was not really importing files, just linking to them but I must have been mistaken since I’ve reached a few GBs now…even though I import as Aliases…

Thanks for your help.

Curious, in fact File/Import/Research Files as Aliases... should not be importing the original material (and hence only using around 4kb per entry). One way to tell if something actually is imported into the project is its icon. Does it have a little curved “alias” arrow in the bottom right corner? If not, it’s fully embedded in the project and go wherever it goes. If you have lots of those, try exporting them all en masse to a folder and then bringing them back in with the import as aliases feature.

well they have the arrow next to them, but main project is still over 1gb and Scrivener gets really slow on my MBA.True I have thousands of files but still they aren’t that big…

With the project closed, located it in Finder, right-click on it and select “Show Package Contents”. Navigate into the Files/Docs sub-folders within the project internals, and set the Finder view to List, and then add the size column and sort by it. If you have any large files they’ll be easy to spot. You can note which ones they are, then reload the project, export them and then bring them back in as research aliases.

Also you might need to empty the project trash can.