Links between Scrivener projects in Windows version

Hi. I would like to see a system of creating links between files in two separate Scrivener projects. At the moment it seems that you can just drag a particular file from one project and drop it into the binder of another Scrivener project, thereby inflating the size of the second project. I see that in the version for Mac it is possible to drag a file from one project and then drop it into the references window of the Inspector of the second project which creates a link but doesn’t increase the size of the destination project. Really useful for those of us that are writing heavily referenced non-fiction titles or theses!

Are there any plans to create this function for the Windows version? It would be absolutely great.

Julia Watson

This should in fact already be possible. Any type of file can be dragged into the References table in the Inspector sidebar. The trick with Scrivener projects is that the piece you need to open the project is the “project.scrivx” file, located within the top level of the master folder for the project. So for example if you have a project called “Story Ideas.scriv”, if you double-click that folder in Explorer you should see a “project” file in there. Drag that into the References table and give it a more descriptive name if you prefer, then just double-click the icon as you normally would to load the project in Scrivener.