Links disappear when export to MS Word

When I export to Microsoft Word all the links to websites disappear. I searched the forums and found other users with the same problem but I wasn’t able to find a solution. The only thing mentioned was that the Scrivener folks were aware of it and planned to include it as part of a future update. Is this correct? Is the feature now available and I’m just missing it? Thanks much.

Steps taken:
Preferences>Import/Export>Use Standard OS X .docx exporter

OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)

First, you should be using RTF in nearly every case, and setting that export option to use the RTF engine internally. You only ever want to use the standard .doc generator (or .docx) in cases where the target software will not at all read an RTF file.

So first, try compiling as RTF. If you are still having difficulties, verify that “Ensure hyperlinks are colored and underlined” is checked off in the “RTF Compatibility” compile option pane (you’ll need to click on the All Options tab to see it).

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, the links still don’t appear. I’m also wondering if it’s possible to have the links appear for just one document. For example, if I export just one document, rather than Compile, could I get the links to carry over and appear in an RTF or Word document? Thanks very much.


This is strange - the links should definitely appear, as I tested this thoroughly for version 2.1. Just to double-check, you are compiling and choosing RTF for the format, and you definitely have “Ensure hyperlinks are coloured and underlined”? Do the links appear if you export to HTML (just for testing purposes)? What version of Microsoft Word are you using?

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Thanks KB for your feedback and suggestions; unfortunately, it’s still not working.

I’m using MS Word 2008, version 12.2.7

I tried it also as an html version and the links still didn’t convert.

If it’s helpful, I’ve attached screenshots of my Export and Compile windows.

Going back to the original question, perhaps we’re talking about two different things. When you say links to websites, do you mean References off in the Inspector sidebar, or are you talking about hyperlinks in the text editor itself—links you can click on in Scrivener that load in a web browser? If you do mean References, then that explains the problem: they don’t compile, and there is no way to compile them. They were never meant to be public data, but rather just internal references for your own research and organisation within the project itself.

To make them “public” (something you can compile for other people/programs to access), you can drag and drop them into the main text area to turn them into hyperlinks.

It might be quickest just to zip up and send us the project to see what’s going on - it’s most likely a setting somewhere. Please zip up your project and send it to me directly at kb-tech-support AT literatureandlatte DOT com, and I’ll take a look tomorrow. If you’re not able to send it, could you please also let me know whether you are using the beta version of Scrivener 2.1.1 ( or the regular 2.1 version, and if the former, check “Transformations” and ensure that “Remove all hyperlinks” isn’t ticked (this is new in the 2.1.1 betas so if you’re still on 2.1 it won’t be that).

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