links don't compile with many sub-documents

Hi folks,

Is there a limit to the number of links that Scrivener can handle? Or a problem with links and too many documents in a project?

I’m doing a non-linear (pick-your-own) story for Kindle in Scrivener and it’s been great, until the past 48 hrs it’s stopped compiling the links as links - the text is still there but it’s not a ‘clicky’ link anymore. They still appear fine within the Scrivener editor itself, just not when compiled.

Investigating further it appears that the links stop acting as links after a certain number of sections are included in the project. I’m wondering if this is intended or a bug and if there’s any way around it.

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.

Do the links behave correctly if you compile to another format, say PDF or ePub? Scrivener has no limit on the number of links, but KindleGen might.


Hi Katherine,

I’ve just tried PDF and no - they don’t link.

I’ve turned on the KindleGen ‘Save Source Files’ option and can see that the html anchors aren’t appearing in the source files.

i.e. If I delete half documents so that I’m below the apparent limit I see the following:

<p class="p4"><span class="Apple-tab-span">	</span><a href="body1.xhtml">Foreword</a></p>

Whereas if I’m above the limit I see this:

<p class="p4"><span class="Apple-tab-span">	</span>Foreword</p>

Are the source files saved created by Scrivener or KindleGen? These were produced from the same project, using the same options with only the following differences that I was aware of:

  • Saved/compiled to a different folder so I had both sets of files to compare
  • the one that included the links (the <a href=…) had many documents moved to the trash, so it was a smaller document.

Hope that this makes sense…

Have sent PM with a dropbox link to files showing the problem.