Links FROM Scrivener documents in Bookends (or other apps?)

since I began to try this terrific app i tried to find a way to make it more bookends-friendly as I use scrivener for note-taking etc and BE for references. Bookends now can copy a single entry link and it can be pasted everywhere. I’d like to have some opposite function in Scrivener (link a scrivener document in BE and I’m almost there. In a BE entry you have a URL field to link to web pages or to files in your computer. I tried to paste a link from the scrivener package (file:///Users/xxxxx/Documents/xxxxx xxx.scriv/293.pdf) and it works: when in BE if i click on the “@” button BE opens the document in the default system app. (Preview or Text Edit etc.); now, what’s the ‘syntax’ of a scrivener link? (so that the document will be opened directly in scrivener?) Would ever be possible to have a “copy link to external app” function to make automatic all this process? It would be fantastic to switch between BE and Scrivener so easily…