links: how to make them reciprocal?


I hope someone can help me with my problem:

When creating to-do items, e.g. for research on facts in the text, I typically would create an entry in the binder in my tasks folder, then highlight the text part where some more factual information is needed on and link it to the respective entry in the tasks folder. So far so good.

Now, when the research is done however, I obviously need to fill in the new information in the text. And this is where my problem is: the links are not reciprocal. So I cannot find the line of text where I have to add the information.

Is there any way to make Scrivener links reciprocal?

Thanks in advance!

Not automatically, though you can certainly make two links on each end by hand. Links are document-to-document, as well, not line-to-line. So keep that in mind as far as document length goes. If you need links to target specific information quickly, you might want to keep document length down to what can be seen on a page or two.