links in references list

It is nice that you have the references facility in the inspector window, but I wish to suggest what it should be capable of doing.

  1. Whenever http:// or ftp: or www. are entered, the completed URL should be recognized as a URL and automatically become a live link.

  2. Any links to files should automatically become hyperlinks to the doc. This appears to work, however, in all cases of 1) and 2) the appearance of the link should look like the link is live (standard colors)

  3. In outline mode, text wrapping and automatic enlargement of any field that expands beyond its horizontal boundary.

Double-click on the icons of the references to launch the links. The references table is a table and not a text view, hence no live links. It works perfectly fine as it is, methinks.

I’m not sure what you mean - the synopsis field already wraps. That is the only field that should - other than that, the title field is the only one that contains text. Outline views in Cocoa do not wrap by default, so I had to add the functionality myself and it is not easy as it is; anything beyond one field wrapping would be a technical nightmare. At any rate, the synopsis field is the only one that was ever intended to wrap. Are you saying that the synopsis field doesn’t wrap for you?

Thanks and all the best,

Thanks for the response. They seem to work correctly today.
I notice that a web URL must include the http:// portion in order to be recognized as a valid URL.

I must have some system add-on that is interfereing with proper operation of your app. I notice some strange behavior from time-to-time which generally clears up after I save.

Strange… Have you got QuickSilver or something installed? That seems to be responsible for a lot of oddities, although I wouldn’t have thought that it would affect this…

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