Links in Word docs

I’m having trouble with hyperlinks in Word documents compiled from Scrivener. I use Word for Mac 2011 and Scrivener 2.7. When I compile to create a .docx file, all the hyperlinks I added while in Scrivener show up fine in Word, underlined and in blue as I like them. But if I add another hyperlink to that Word document after the compile, it isn’t highlighted. My Word preferences are set properly, and when I insert a hyperlink into any other Word document (something created outside of Scrivener compile), it appears fine. My Scrivener compile options also seem set correctly (I unchecked the box to remove hyperlinks). I suspect there’s another Scrivener preference or compile setting that I’m not seeing that controls this. Help!

Assuming this is a problem everyone has (I don’t have Word for Mac 2011 so I can’t verify it myself), my guess would be that this oddity can be traced back to how Word requires deliberate formatting on hyperlinks to begin with. With its own built-in templates (which I presume you are using as starting points, rather than constructing a raw RTF file and opening that in Word, which would be more akin to the process Scrivener has to use) it may have a special “style” attached to hyperlinks that it applies automatically when you insert a link. If the file you open doesn’t have a stylesheet attached to it then links will be black and unadorned.

If that theory is accurate, then the solution would be along the lines of adding a look to hyperlinks in that document’s stylesheet. In a program like LibreOffice that just happens automatically, it applies a character style called “Internet Link” to the hyperlinks Scrivener creates, and modifying it will change the appearance of all existing and future links added to the document. Like I say, that is not something Word does by default (which is why we manually colour the text blue and underscore it).

Thank you for the reply. So, if I understand correctly, I will have to continue modifying the hyperlink style in each Word document, one at a time, rather than finding a global fix.

Well as I say I don’t really know anything about Word, there may well be a much easier way of handling this that I’m unaware of—but as for what Scrivener does, yes, that’s what you get and there is no way of changing that short of nearly eight months of programming (which has been done—but like I say, for a future major upgrade).