Links keep getting removed

I am writing a few books at the moment and one really annoying bug I keep experiencing is with regards to lists of urls.

I will have a list of urls like this in the draft area.

Here are some more resources about ABC…

I will hyperlink them all and save the file before compiling to .mobi

On that occasion it will compile fine and the links will all be hyperlinked in the final .mobi file

But if I then go and change anything in the book (unrelated to the links), save and recompile, then the first url1 above would still be linked. But url2 and url3 will no longer be linked.

This is very annoying.

This is happening time and time again and is a massive waste of time having to constantly go back into Scrivener and relink them again.

Thanks, we’re working on this one and hope to have it resolved for the next update. It appears to be a problem with the links being separated only by a carriage return, so as a temporary workaround you could add a space after each link in the editor; this should preserve the link without much affecting the appearance.