Links not generated in ToC for .mobi

Now, I know this can be done. I have a book produced as .mobi that does create to the chapters in the ToC when compiled. But the new book generates the ToC page correctly, but without links! I’ve compared the two Compile options, and as far as I can tell, they are identical. There just HAS to be a setting that I am missing somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it.

Notably, perhaps, the links ARE generated in ePub format file, so it seems just .mobi that is affected.

Looking at the Source Files, I see that the contents.xhtml file IS being generated, and opening that file, I see the links ARE there.

Looking at the log file, I see these lines:

Info(prcgen): Resolving hyperlinks
Info(prcgen): Building table of content URL: /private/var/folders/8n/rhyts60x5276j2q53_5cwd180000gn/T/EBOOK_TEMP/Spirit Paths II/toc.ncx
Info(pagemap): No Page map found in the book
Info(prcgen): Saving MOBI file
Info(prcgen): MOBI File generated with WARNINGS!

It seems to me that something has come unhooked in the KindleGen file, perhaps with the recent change to Mustangs. How do I get/install the latest version of KindleGen to see if that helps?

This is REALLY important! I have a book to get out on deadline!

Updating KindleGen did the trick.