Links, sorting, exporting

Back with Scriv, and registered today. Congrats to myself. Three things:

  1. Automatic two-way linking. Plans to implement this? Workarounds? Or a clever way to see which doc a doc is linked from? This is important to me.

  2. Is there a way to export only selected material, the db will get big. In particular, it would be good to export only the research folder ( for on the road use). (One way to do it, would be to put in an option to use the contents of any folder in the otherwise brilliant compile draft dialogue.

  3. Sorting. I know that sorting of outlines is frowned upon here, and I understand the reasoning. It would be brill, however, if different folders could have different behaviour here: For instance: Never let the draft folder be able to sort, but let folders such as research be sortable. Just a suggestion.

  4. What is the lowest OS version Scriv will run on? Planning to put OS X on an Eee, One or similar.

: nordlys

Further to item (2), I am also looking to export only selections within a folder.

: nordlys

You can export any file or folder, but you can compile only the draft folder. They are different menu items. Export puts each file in the binder in a separate file on the filesystem. If I remember correctly it maintains the directory structure as well if you are exporting an entire tree.

Tiger (the previous version before Leopard). It won’t run on anything earlier.

Right, so export to a list is not possible?

I think I recall software that will make a list when you throw a text folder at it. What could that have been?

I am not precisely sure what you mean by exporting to a list, but I shall assume you mean exporting a list of titles out of Scrivener? This can be accomplished using the Compile feature and removing the checkmarks from everything except for Titles in the Documents Elements section.

What is a text folder, by the way? Scrivener has such a thing (a folder that has text as well as child documents), but not many other applications do that. If you just want a list of a Finder directory, select the files in the Finder, press Cmd-C, and then paste into a text window.

Yes, but seemingly only items in the draft folder can be used with compile. I need to export items in the research folder.

Yes, because of the nature of the research folder (or any area in the Binder outside of draft), the Compile feature would have a difficult time creating a single document out of the lot because of the high degree of variety that can be included in these external areas. You can have MP3s, PDFs, and so on out there, and these do not really “compile” so well into say, a single plain-text file.

So while it would seem to make sense to allow title exports to a list, that’s pretty much the only usage in that panel that would be useful. IF all you need is a list of titles, try using the trick I mentioned in Finder. Select the contents of the Research folder in the Binder, hit Copy, then paste into TextEdit.

An elegant solution, too simple to discover by oneself. But I prob need metadata as well. Have discovered that everything in Scriv is readily available for GUI scripting, so might do something there.