Links: Staying in the destination document rather than showing linked document

Right now when you push option and drag and drop to create an internal link between two documents in one Scrivener file, after you let up on the option key, the viewing window changes to show the document you were linking TO and leaves the document you were inserting the link IN. I would like it to stay in the document I was putting the link in. That seems to be the more obvious document that people are trying to work on at the moment.

This is actually more difficult than it sounds, because if you drag the link in such a way that the document becomes selected in the binder, then that is no different from selecting a document in the binder, thus triggering the change. However, there are some changes coming to a future version that hopefully improves this behaviour somewhat.

In my own experience (and I do exactly what you are describing quite a bit), the behaviour is much cleaner in the test builds from all points of drag to all points of drop.

That aside, what works well when you run into problems with drag and drop switching content: lock the editor or the inspector in question, depending on what you need.