Links to ext docs - use reference instead of copying?

Loving Scrivener, but I have an issue - I frequently generate diagrams for technical papers, and I’d like to link to these within Scrivener, but I’ve been trying the following:

  1. Drag and drop individual files to Research folder
  2. Drag and drop a Finder folder to Research folder

Both end up copying the files into the .scriv bundle… since I’m tweaking these diagrams regularly, I’d like to have references used instead, so I can always get the latest version. (I have version control outside of Scrivener to handle source code and random file types.)

Any way of altering this behavior?

It is possible to simply link to documents instead of including them in the project. You can go about it two ways: Link the file to a particular document in the Binder, or link them to the project itself. The former might be more useful if you want to keep notes on the referenced file, or a simple abstract. Either way, open up the Inspector with Cmd-Opt-I, and either press Cmd-7 to reveal the References pane, or click the little “bookmark” icon at the very bottom of the Inspector. If you have a regular document selected, you’ll have a choice between attaching files to the document, or to the project. You can switch between the two using the drop-down at the top of the references section. If you have a special Binder item selected, such as Draft or Trash—just the Project References will be visible.

Project references can be accessed from anywhere in the application. With Document references, you have to have that document loaded first.

You can also drag’n’drop files into your text to create hyperlinks. Sadly, though, Scrivener does not resolve those links upon exporting. I wonder if it’s worth the trouble to hack MultiMarkdown for this? For instance, one could search for


(or or whatever does the trick) and automatically nest it in a codeblock environment.

Well, if you were using MMD, you would probably want to use the standard syntax for linking:

[Report on Agriculture](file:///Users/avaesca/Documents/PDFs/ag-0802.pdf)

And then what I do is turn the “Report on Agriculture” part of the MMD code into a Scrivener link. Then I have Scriv convenience and MMD flexibility on export.