Links to external files - functionality on iPad os?

The latest blog post about linking to external files got my attention. I am wondering - will such links work in Scrivener for iPad? I assume they would 1) need to be created in the desktop app first and 2) linked files would need to be available in iCloud or Dropbox? Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.


I’m not the expert here, but I should think the answer would be ‘no’. Links to external files you make in your project on your desktop embed the location of a file on your harddrive. Open that same project in ios scriv and that link is still pointing to that same (now inaccessible) place on your harddrive. Having the external file in your dropbox folder would not help, because that is still just a file located in a folder on your harddrive.

External file links, whether as research aliases, linked images or bookmarks, are one of those many things that the desktop version of Scrivener can do that the iOS version could not, given how iOS does not allow software passive access to files outside of its “sandbox” like that.

That doesn’t mean they will break though, they will sit there inert until you return to the main system, where they will go back to working fine.