Links to Files on Hard Drive not Working

Hello everyone!

I’m a graduate student, and I’ve just started using Scrivener as my lab notebook. One feature I’m particularly excited about is the ability to create links to folders by dragging & dropping the folder into the text part of Scrivener (as opposed to making it a “Document Reference”). When I drag & drop the folder, Scrivener asks if I want the folder contents, or just an alias. I choose alias, but whenever I click on the link it just beeps at me and does nothing. Right-clicking and choosing “Open Link” doesn’t do anything either.

I did a search through the forum on this topic and didn’t find anything, but it’s very possible I missed something - if so, sorry!

Edit: On closer inspection, it seems to only be a problem for mounted network drives and works fine for my local drive. However, the drive IS mounted when I click on the link, so it’s not that I’m trying to access an unmounted drive.